8 Reasons to Try Boxing

People ask me all the time why I box. Well as if having passion for a sport isn’t enough, there are several reasons that boxing can be beneficial to one’s health and well-being.

1. It burns calories.

I’m not usually one for comparing workouts based simply on calories burned; but if I were, boxing would totally win. According to a study conducted by ESPN, it’s one of the most physically demanding styles of training. One hour of boxing aerobics can burn up to 600 calories, and an hour of sparring in the ring burns 800! That’s nearly 300 more calories than your typical treadmill workout.

2. It’s cardiovascular.

Boxers are understandably some of the best conditioned athletes around the globe. They strive for optimal strength, balance, muscular endurance, speed, and agility to defend against opponents. Training involves high-intensity mitt and bag work, sparring, running, and various strength exercises that not only strengthen your exterior muscles, but your internal muscles as well – specifically the heart. Boxing promotes cardiovascular health and gives you a killer workout at the same time!

3. It strengthens your core.

Every movement in boxing stems from the abs. Dropping in the legs and engaging the core allows boxers to lower their center of gravity and pack more force into each blow. A combination of proper hip rotation and ab engagement produces perfect harmony for throwing a powerful punch.

4. It improves coordination.

Rhythm, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and quick reflexes are all main components of boxing. Boxers learn and memorize offense and defense combos that include punching, dipping, shuffling, and slipping. Rhythm and coordination are ultimately tested in the ring when the athlete only has a split-second to defend himself from a hard blow to the head or body. Boxers are constantly thinking ahead and must stay quick on their feet.

5. It can reverse and delay Parkinson’s symptoms.

Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that impairs mobility and other elements that boxers train to improve. Studies show that forced, intense exercise -specifically boxing-can help Parkinson’s patients reverse and delay damaging symptoms. USA Today recently aired a news report on the topic. Boxing has already impacted the lives and families of Parkinson’s patients all around the world, and more and more boxing gyms are becoming certified to offer special programs specifically to fight against this disease.

6. It teaches self-defense.

While we don’t want to think about being attacked or having to defend ourselves in public, violence is becoming consistently more common in the U.S. Boxing provides the skill and knowledge to defend against opponents in the ring, but it also gives athletes an edge in other dangerous situations by teaching confidence, quick thinking, and muscle control.

7. It relieves stress.

Daily stress has become a commonplace for many Americans and can lead to various health problems such as inflammation, depression, and sleep deprivation. Studies show that any type of physical exercise can produce stress-relieving benefits due to endorphin production, but boxing offers an outlet to physically express anxiety and anger. It also encourages mental focus on the sport, distracting the participants’ from stressors of everyday life.

8. It’s challenging.

Not only is boxing physically challenging, but it demonstrates mental and emotional challenges as well. Boxers have to conquer all kinds of mental blocks in order to be successful in the sport. Fears of embarrassment, humiliation, and physical harm are commonly overcome through boxing, and boxers have to progressively train to quarrel with stronger, higher-skilled opponents to improve. Every practice provides new challenges and new opportunities.

Boxing has provided me with the confidence and new strengths, skills, and discipline that I never knew I was capable of before. It challenges me everyday to reach my full potential and strive for success in everything I do. Boxing makes me feel alive. It sets my soul on fire and reminds me that I’m powerful. It’s fun and it’s challenging, but most importantly, I love it. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

My Gym: 

Straightright Boxing and Fitness          #straightrightbuilt #boxing4life

The people you work out with are just as important as the workout itself. I’ve been fortunate to find the right coach with the right knowledge, and I’ve developed a boxing family that I never could have dreamed of. Do the research, find a support system, and build the relationships. It’s well worth the while!

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